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    Blind dating movie soundtrack

    When done correctly, the result can be iconic, but nothing says imitation more than Hollywood, and even a good thing can be too much.

    Here are 25 songs that find themselves routinely overused in movies to the point of exhaustion.

    If nothing else, the DVD of Blind Dating really emulates the experience of going on a blind date: you go in with a mixture of hope and fear, you start off pleasantly surprised and then quickly fall into despair when it’s not as bad as you expected…it’s worse.

    Of course, you’d have to be legally blind to pick this film off the shelf considering its blink-and-you missed-it theatrical run and that the resumes of the two headlining stars consist of smashes like Just my Luck, American Wedding and Freddy Got Fingered.

    Chris Pine gives a surprisingly convincing performance as Danny, a blind twenty-two year old who has learned to accept his condition but not his virginity (think At First Sight meets American Pie).

    As he prepares for an experimental treatment that at best can give him black and white vision just crisp enough to identify a face, he agrees to allow his greasy older brother Larry (Eddie Kay Thomas) to set him up on a series of ‘blind dates”…no pun intended… As Danny suffers through endless dates from overacting hell, he finally makes a connection with Leeza (Anjali Jay), the Indian receptionist at his eye doctor’s office.

    (5.3 MB MP3) Orlando (1.9 MB MP3) Scarlet Overkill (2.7 MB MP3) Ruby Fight (7.1 MB MP3) Scarlet's Fortress (8.5 MB MP3) Traveling Tribe (2 MB MP3) Tower Of London (4 MB MP3) Fighting the Crown Keeper (4.2 MB MP3) King Bob (2.3 MB MP3) Dungeon Mayhem (1.4 MB MP3) Goodbye Fabrice (6 MB MP3) Minion Mission (11.8 MB MP3) Sneaking In (6.2 MB MP3) King Kong Kevin (8.4 MB MP3) Our Hero is Back (3 MB MP3) Minions Victory (6.8 MB MP3) Greatest Renegade Unveiling (GRU) (6.8 MB MP3) If I Stay Bedside Goodbyes (5.30 MB MP3) The Operation (2.80 MB MP3) After the Crash (1.70 MB MP3) Despicable Me 2 Lucy and the AVL (13.6 MB MP3) Going to Save the World (3.40 MB MP3) El Macho (3.50 MB MP3) Take Her Home (3.60 MB MP3) The Big Battle (17.70 MB MP3) The Smurfs 2 Essence in Paris (2.40 MB MP3) Portrait of Perfection (4.50 MB MP3) Hand Over Smurfette (3.50 MB MP3) The Smurfs Baby's First Picture (2.43 MB MP3) Clumsy Gets In The Box (2.43 MB MP3) Race To The Village (2.43 MB MP3) The Awesome Power Of Me (2.43 MB MP3) From Prada to Nada I Miss Dad (1.25 MB MP3) Selling Mary's Things (1.12 MB MP3) Mary & Rodrigo Kiss (1.72 MB MP3) Hospital (2.31 MB MP3) Despicable Me Happy Gru (0.96 MB MP3) Minions March (1.88 MB MP3) The Moon (2.08 MB MP3) Korean Lab Heist (5.02 MB MP3) Gru's Lair (1.35 MB MP3) Gru's Kitchen (2.28 MB MP3) Piggy Bank (3.12 MB MP3) It's Complicated Main Title (5.95 MB MP3) The Original Five (1.45 MB MP3) Date Someone (1.79 MB MP3) New Addition (1.54 MB MP3) Jake Arrives to Spy (1.01 MB MP3) No Regrets (5.02 MB MP3) Beverly Hills Chihuahua Papi & Chloe (2.45 MB MP3) Aunt Viv Leaves (915 KB MP3) The Girls Go Out (2.44 MB MP3) The Dog Cages (3.00 MB MP3) The Market Chase (2.34 MB MP3) Remember Your Ancestors (1.04 MB MP3) Diablo's On the Scent (1.09 MB MP3) Papi Finds Bootie (1.28 MB MP3) A Promise is a Promise (408 KB MP3) Traveling Tracks (1.10 MB MP3) Trouble on the Train (1.43 MB MP3) Stay Brown Brother (1.30 MB MP3) Mountain Lions (1.24 MB MP3) Chi Nation Pt. 2 (1.01 MB MP3) Papi to the Rescue (1.08 MB MP3) Delgado Gets Smell Back (1.27 MB MP3) The Temple (5.00 MB MP3) Lets Go Home (2.93 MB MP3) Almost in Trouble (1.80 MB MP3) Garden Love (1.48 MB MP3) Running the Sahara Opening (1.25 MB MP3) Senegal Song (909 KB MP3) Runners Start (1.95 MB MP3) Bonjour (1.21 MB MP3) Let's Finish Strong (1.61 MB MP3) Hitting Their Stride (637 KB MP3) Timbiktu (901 KB MP3) The Tenere (1.16 MB MP3) Halfway (1.11 MB MP3) Day 55: Agadez, Niger (1.33 MB MP3) Camel Herd (1.49 MB MP3) Ambah Foiye (1.92 MB MP3) Into Libya (995 KB MP3) Day 78: Tough Go Lately (2.24 MB MP3) Happy Horns (713 KB MP3) Pyramids (1.85 MB MP3) Did You See Charlie?

    In the ‘90s, an important tool for discovering new music was the movie soundtrack; especially if your parents were total squares who wouldn’t spring for cable. City Of Angels If you got through 1998 without having “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls stuck in your head for at least a solid month cumulatively, then you were living under a rock.

    Minions Minions Through Time (11 MB MP3) Kevin, Stuart and Bob (7.1 MB MP3) Minions Run Amok (3.6 MB MP3) Tortellini (872 KB MP3) The VNC (2.9 MB MP3) Minions In the U. First recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967 and later by Diana Ross in 1970, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" became a staple of films where a feeling of togetherness and overcoming struggle is needed.The song can be seen in countless films from "Guardians of the Galaxy" through "Stepmom," "Sister Act 2" and "Remember the Titans." There may be no mountain high enough, but maybe the ceiling is the roof for using this classic for awhile.As Danny’s surgery puts his life at risk, Leeza has to weigh her responsibilities to her family against the yearnings of her heart.Do they end up together…you’ll just have to wait and see (yuk yuk yuk).

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