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    He bugged his supervisor weekly for a bigger title and more money so that he could tell other employees what to do.

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    None of which have anything to do with a guy’s height.◊♦◊Some women may say, Honey, a short guy can make you feel like the sexiest woman on the planet just as much as a tall man.In fact, the short man will do a better job by trying harder because he knows women crave to feel feminine and he cannot depend on the usual suspects (e.g.When I first met Rick he had the confidence and swagger of a 6 foot man – only he was 5 foot 2.Still, he was sweet, funny and treated me with respect. I always said, “You will never EVER catch me with a guy shorter than 5 foot 11.” A tall man wasn’t just a necessity, it was a prerequisite; and I had my own thoughts and judgements regarding dating a shorter man. He made me laugh, we had good conversation and he treated me like a lady.Let’s look at what it’s like to be a short guy in the dating game, and some strategies we can use to alleviate whatever shortcomings might be associated with being a short seducer. He's lived in California, Las Vegas, and East Asia, and enjoys dating women of all types.I measured myself the other day, and I found that technically I stand at 5 foot 5 ½ inches. Chase has mention in some articles on this site that I am near 5’3” to 5’5” – I am hurt, butthurt that is, by the inaccuracy... I was supposed to write this article in 2014 – I’m kind of late! He meets girls both on the street during the day and in nightclubs.The first rule: Get your pants hemmed and your sleeves shortened, Mc Goff says.Bunched fabric around your wrists and ankles will only draw attention to your smaller stature.

    A streamlined look from top to bottom can help elongate your body, says Mc Goff.

    Within weeks, his charms, good looks and our laughter led to a relationship.

    But, could I really see myself in a long-term commitment with a man who only reached my shoulders when we stood side by side?

    Now that wasn’t always the case; when we were cave-dwellers, small was neither beautiful nor useful. As such, being big and tall is no longer advantageous and being short is no longer an impediment.◊♦◊I can already hear some women crying in unison, When I get into this discussion with women, they inevitably mention the possibility of a bear attack. Not sure why a bear attack is so often cited (the average number of deaths by bear attack in the US is three per year), but let’s just say you were attacked by a bear. And if we’re going to go down that route, would you not date a man who was tall but missing an arm because he cannot save you from a non-existent bear attack?

    In fact, short was practically a death sentence whereas height and brawn were the keys to survival because it meant your family and you would be protected if an intruder invaded your cave; it also meant he would feed the family by outrunning and overpowering a wild animal. Height (or two functioning arms) won’t help you from a bear attack.

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